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The Central American Drug Ship

(US Navy: 1990)

The main focus of this book speaks about an incident that happened in September 1990 in Central American waters. The US Navy, along with Coast Guard personnel, confronted Honduran drug runners on a ship called the MV Nordkapp. Reggae saw one of the Honduran's jump off the ship before it was set on fire and sunk. Reggae deals with PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia and other issues from this incident.

Reggae also examines his time during the US Navy and speaks about both positive and negative liberty calls, his time in boot camp and A-school and many other aspects of the Navy. Reggae also speaks about some racism he experienced as well as some friends he made in the Navy that are friends for life. If you want to learn what the US Navy was like during 1989-1991, this book is for you.

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