Best Sellers

Best Sellers

How to Control Your Dreams and Conquer Your Nightmares

This book explains techniques for controlling your dreams and reducing or eliminating your nightmares. It's a self-help book written in …
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The Part-Hawaiian Filipina Assassin

This book is about a woman who is an assassin in Hawai’i who likes to kill bad people. She especially likes to kill people who commit …
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Tamehameha Uncensored

Detailed Histories of Hawai’i’s First KingTamehameha Uncensored was written for several reasons. Among the reasons are to teach people, in …
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About Frank Munden

The Power Of Words

I am a Christian who believes in racial equality and harmony. I was born in O'ahu, Hawai'i, in 1971 and raised in Maui. When you read my books, I hope you will experience laughs, suspense, and become emotionally attached to each character. I tell true stories and also write about my knowledge so I can help ...

Why Choose Me?

You can be sure that the quality of my written works is comparable to no other. Browse through my collection of books and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of a wonderful story. If you've enjoyed my work and you want to learn more, I welcome messages, questions, and ideas for my next projects. If you still ...


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