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Tamehameha Uncensored

Detailed Histories of Hawai’i’s First King

Tamehameha Uncensored was written for several reasons. Among the reasons are to teach people, in an entertaining way, a lot of facts and figures about Tamehameha, the first King of Hawaii. Another reason is to educate the reader that Tamehameha was his real name and not Kamehameha. This book provides written evidence that proves this fact. This book also shows evidence that the Hawaiian language was altered by American Missionaries during the 1820's. Tamehameha Uncensored has multiple digital pictures of various events and historical figures in Hawaii pertaining to the time period of 1720-1830. These pictures were drawn by a former Marvel and DC cartoonist Andy Lee. This book also teaches the reader various facts and figures about the Hawaiian people and Hawaiian culture.

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